Sofia Richie: The Queen of Old Money Style

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By Proenza Schouler

By Chanel


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Sofia Richie has once again proven herself as a fashion icon, exuding timeless elegance in her recent appearance. At just 24 years old, she effortlessly channels the essence of Old Money style, blending sophistication with a contemporary edge.

During a stroll around the luxurious Hotel du Cap Eden Roc, Sofia showcased her impeccable taste in a sleeveless blazer dress adorned with exquisite gold button embellishments. The collared neckline added a touch of refinement to the ensemble, perfectly reflecting her polished aesthetic. This choice of attire exemplifies her ability to fuse classic elements with modern sensibilities.

Paired with the blazer dress were chic pumps, which not only elevated her stature but also accentuated the overall charm of the look. Walking hand-in-hand with her record producer beau, Sofia exuded an air of refined confidence, epitomizing the grace associated with Old Money sophistication.

Adding a vibrant twist to the ensemble, Sofia opted for a crossbody Chanel handbag, injecting a pop of color that harmoniously complemented her outfit. The attention to detail was extended to her accessories, with drop earrings chosen to match the gold accents on her dress.

Her signature blonde locks cascaded down in a sleek and straight style, framing her face elegantly. The middle parting added a touch of classic glamour, while the addition of gold rounded sunglasses lent a hint of vintage allure to the ensemble.

In a world often captivated by fast-paced trends, Sofia Richie stands out as a true embodiment of timeless elegance. With her impeccable fashion choices and innate ability to infuse Old Money aesthetics into her modern wardrobe, she effortlessly reigns as the Queen of Old Money Style, setting an inspiring example for fashion enthusiasts everywhere.

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