Indulge in the Desire for Tweed with Alessandra Rich blazer like Chelsea inspired us

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By Alessandra Rich


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Celebrities and fashion insiders worldwide are drawn to the enchanting designs of London-based brand Alessandra Rich.

The likes of Margot Robbie, Gigi Hadid, Sofia Richie, and even the Princess of Wales form part of their illustrious fanbase.  

Alessandra Rich is renowned for their feminine silhouettes, which perfectly aligns with the ladylike tweed ensemble donned by Chelsea Lazkani—an original creation from AR.

Chelsea, who has gracefully taken on the role of the fashion maven in Selling Sunset, not only figuratively but literally stepped into Christine Quinn's fashionable shoes, as Christine previously showcased this elegant combination.  

Regrettably, this sought-after set is no longer available, but fear not! You can still explore a similar style here or embrace the charm of our pretty-in-pink alternatives.

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