Selena Gomez's Chic Departure: Leaving a Paris Hotel in a Stylish Alexander Wang Suit on September 24, 2023

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By Alexander Wang

By Alexander Wang

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Paris, September 24, 2023 - Selena Gomez, the multi-talented superstar, made quite the fashion statement as she was spotted leaving her hotel in the romantic city of Paris. Known for her impeccable style, Selena once again proved her fashion prowess with an ensemble that turned heads and set trends.

For this iconic Parisian appearance, Selena chose to wear a stunning combination from the renowned designer Alexander Wang. Her outfit featured a Grey Combo Collared Blazer and matching Grey Layered Trousers. This tailored look exuded sophistication and a touch of modern edge, perfectly complementing the city's fashion-forward atmosphere.

Underneath the blazer, Selena opted for a White corset by Pretty Little Things. This choice added a hint of allure and perfectly accentuated her figure. For added support and a personalized style, she layered a tank top by Éterne, making this ensemble a fusion of comfort and glamour.

Selena's choice of footwear was as bold as the rest of her look. She donned a pair of stylish mules in a delightful baby blue hue. These shoes not only provided a pop of color but also showcased her ability to effortlessly blend comfort and chic.

To complete her ensemble, Selena carried the Comma small handbag from the renowned brand GCDS. The bag featured a 'short bling shoulder strap', adding a touch of extravagance to the overall look.

Behind this fabulous styling, credit goes to Selena's exceptional stylist, Erin Walsh. Known for her work with various celebrities, including Selena, Erin once again displayed her unmatched talent by curating an ensemble that captured the essence of Parisian fashion while maintaining Selena's unique flair.

Selena Gomez continues to be an icon in both the music and fashion worlds. Her ability to effortlessly transition from one style to another while staying true to herself is a testament to her fashion versatility and creativity. In the heart of Paris, Selena once again showcased her impeccable taste and left everyone eagerly anticipating her next fashion statement.

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