Jessica Alba Radiates Confidence in Denim Bustier Top during Honest Renovations Promotion in NYC

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By Sergio Hudson

By Sergio Hudson

By Sergio Hudson


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As Jessica Alba stepped out of her Midtown hotel, all eyes were on her impeccable style. The stunning celebrity was caught on camera donning a head-to-toe casual ensemble, once again curated by the talented hands of Sergio Hudson. This time, she embraced the timeless allure of denim blue.

Her look effortlessly combined comfort and sophistication. The ensemble consisted of a captivating blue bustier elegantly tucked into high-waisted loose pants, all accentuated by a sleek suit jacket. The play between the elements showcased her ability to effortlessly blend boldness with subtlety.

Prepared to conquer the day, she accessorized with finesse. A white bag swung casually from her arm, echoing the classic touch often associated with a touch of luxury. The ensemble's charm was elevated further with white pointed heels that added an extra layer of sophistication to her stride.

Her choice of accessories was equally enchanting. A pair of gold hoops graced her ears, capturing the light and adding a touch of shimmer to her overall appearance. Black sunglasses, the quintessential symbol of both style and practicality, completed the look with a dash of mystique.

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