Jessica Alba Shines in Vibrant Outfit During Honest Renovations Press Tour

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By Altuzarra

By Altuzarra


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Jessica Alba, the 42-year-old founder of Honest Beauty, is making a colorful statement on her Honest Renovations press tour in New York City. The actress and entrepreneur kicked off the tour with a splash of bright orange, capturing attention with her vibrant ensembles that perfectly reflect her energetic and confident style.

At the Honest Renovations screening, Alba exuded radiance in a ruffled off-the-shoulder Altuzarra dress in a striking shade of orange. She paired the dress with pointed-toe Manolo Blahnik shoes in the same bold hue and carried a Fendi purse that added an extra pop of color to her look. The combination of the three vibrant orange pieces created a harmonious and captivating visual.

Despite the vibrant color palette, Alba cleverly balanced her ensemble by keeping her accessories and makeup more understated. She adorned herself with a delicate thin-chain necklace featuring a diamond pendant, while her orange flower-shaped earrings echoed the color scheme. Her makeup focused on enhancing her features with a warm-toned eyeshadow, mascara, a touch of orange-tinted blush, and pink lips.

Alba's hairstyle added a touch of elegance to the ensemble. She elegantly pinned up the hair closest to her face, allowing her curled ends to cascade in soft waves, creating a chic and sophisticated finish to her look.

Jessica Alba's Honest Renovations press tour showcases her ability to play with vibrant colors while maintaining a balanced and harmonious appearance. Her fashion choices inspire us to embrace bold hues and experiment with our personal style.


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