Emulate the Elegant Style of Sex and the City Star Sarah Jessica Parker in Jenny Packham polka dot dress

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By Jenny Packham


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In a remarkable reunion, Sarah Jessica Parker and her fellow Sex and the City co-stars came together to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the beloved show. True to her iconic style, the actress made a stunning appearance at the glamorous afterparty, captivating everyone in a mesmerizing dress by Jenny Packham. Let's delve into the details of Sarah's unforgettable ensemble, named 'Purdy,' which boasts a plunging neckline, semi-sheer puff sleeves, and a captivating crystal embellishment.

Sarah Jessica Parker's appearance at the afterparty not only marked the 25th anniversary of the iconic show but also paid homage to the timeless fashion that made it legendary. As the embodiment of style, she effortlessly stole the spotlight in her Jenny Packham dress, showcasing her continued dedication to fashion and her role as an influential trendsetter.

The Enchanting 'Purdy' Midi Dress

Sarah's 'Purdy' midi dress by Jenny Packham is a true masterpiece. The plunging neckline, adorned with elegant bow detailing, exudes sophistication and allure. The semi-sheer puff sleeves add a touch of whimsy, while the full A-line skirt creates a graceful silhouette that accentuates Sarah's figure. As the light catches the dainty crystal embellishment, it adds a subtle sparkle, elevating the dress to a new level of enchantment.

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