Dakota Johnson's Effortlessly Chic Look on the Set of “Materialists” – 5 June

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By Dôen

By Nili Lotan

By Stuart Weitzman

By Adidas

Another day on the set of “Materialists” brought Dakota Johnson into the spotlight, showcasing her effortless elegance alongside Chris Evans. The actress's style choices continue to impress, with her latest outfit being a perfect blend of chic and sophisticated elements.

For the scene filmed on 5 June, Dakota wore a stunning Alona Silk Floral Top from Doen, priced at £190. This beautiful blouse, with its delicate floral pattern and luxurious silk fabric, highlighted Dakota’s graceful charm. Paired with the top were Nili Lotan Straight Leg Jeans, available for £220. These jeans, known for their flattering fit and classic style, provided a perfect balance to the ensemble, adding a touch of casual sophistication.

Dakota’s footwear choice further elevated her look. She initially wore a pair of Mariposa 80 Slides from Stuart Weitzman, priced at £160. These slides, with their modern design and comfortable fit, added a contemporary edge to her outfit. However, during breaks on set, she opted for a more comfortable pair of Adidas sneakers, ensuring she stayed stylish yet practical throughout the long shooting day.

Accessories played a crucial role in completing Dakota’s ensemble. She wore a delicate Heart Necklace from Danforth Pewter in Crimson on an 18-inch chain, priced at £37. This subtle piece added a touch of romantic charm to her look, perfectly complementing the floral top. Additionally, Dakota carried a timeless vintage crossbody bag from Coach. The value of this classic staple varies, but its timeless appeal and versatile design make it a cherished piece in any wardrobe.

Dakota Johnson's impeccable fashion sense on the set of “Materialists” is a testament to her refined taste and ability to blend modern trends with timeless classics. Her outfit choices reflect a careful consideration of both style and comfort, making her a fashion icon to watch. The seamless transition from stylish slides to comfy sneakers also demonstrates her practical approach to fashion, ensuring she looks great while staying comfortable.

Her ability to mix high-end fashion with practical elements showcases her versatility and understanding of what makes an outfit work both on and off the camera. Dakota Johnson continues to set trends and inspire with her chic, effortless style, making her one of the most admired figures in the fashion world today.

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