Embrace Polka Dots in Style: Get Inspired by Queen Letizia's Laura Bernal Dress

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By Laura Bernal


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Polka dots are reigning supreme in the royal fashion scene, captivating the hearts of the royal family members.

From the Princess of Wales to the Duchess of Edinburgh and Queen Letizia, all have embraced the spotty trend in their recent appearances.

During her latest engagement, Queen Letizia effortlessly rocked a spotty dress crafted by the renowned Spanish label, Laura Bernal. This stunning dress features a tailored wrap bodice, accentuated by a waist belt that beautifully complements the flared skirt, evoking a delightful 1950s vibe.

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Join the royal fashion revolution and add a touch of timeless elegance to your wardrobe with these enchanting polka dot designs.

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