Blake Lively Shimmers in a Sparkling Denim Minidress and Matching Trench Coat

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By Self-portrait

By Dries Van Noten

By Chanel


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Blake Lively has long been a trendsetter, effortlessly blending high fashion with a touch of glamour. Last night, she did not disappoint as she stepped out for dinner in New York City, turning heads with a dazzling double denim ensemble that perfectly encapsulated her signature style. The actress was seen dining at Carbone, a hotspot in Greenwich Village, with her "It Ends with Us" co-stars Isabela Ferrer and Hasan Minhaj. Her outfit was nothing short of a sartorial spectacle, making it clear that Lively's fashion game is always on point.

The centerpiece of Lively's outfit was a sparkling chambray minidress from Self-Portrait. The dress featured a scooped neckline and a fitted silhouette, which flattered her figure. What truly set the dress apart were the light-reflecting square rhinestones that adorned it, creating a shimmering effect that caught the light with every movement. The dress was both chic and playful, showcasing Lively's ability to merge elegance with a touch of whimsy.

Complementing the minidress, Lively donned a loose denim trench coat from Dries Van Noten. The coat, with its sweeping coattails, added an element of drama to the ensemble. Its mid-wash hue perfectly balanced the sparkling minidress, ensuring that her look remained cohesive yet striking. The trench coat's length and flow added a sense of movement and grace as Lively walked, making her appear almost ethereal in the city's ambient light.

Lively's choice of accessories further elevated her look. She carried a gold Chanel crossbody bag, distinguished by its denim detailing and prominent gold logo. The bag added a touch of luxury while seamlessly integrating with the denim theme. Her jewelry, consisting of a large gold chain necklace and an assortment of chunky gold rings, complemented the bag's gold accents, tying the entire outfit together. On her feet, she wore jewel-encrusted gray heels, adding just the right amount of sparkle to her step.

To match the effortless vibe of her outfit, Lively styled her long blonde hair in beachy waves with a deep side part. This hairstyle added a relaxed, yet polished touch to her overall look. Her makeup was equally on point, featuring a dewy glam that highlighted her natural beauty. A bronzed complexion, coral blush, and a matching glossy lip completed her look, giving her a sun-kissed glow that hinted at summer even in the urban setting.

Blake Lively’s ensemble was a masterclass in how to make denim glamorous. The combination of high-fashion pieces with sparkling details created a look that was both sophisticated and fun. Whether she’s on the red carpet or stepping out for a casual dinner, Lively continues to demonstrate why she’s a style icon. Her ability to effortlessly blend different elements and make bold fashion choices sets her apart, inspiring fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

In a city known for its style, Blake Lively’s shimmering double denim look was a standout. It was a perfect blend of casual cool and high-end glamour, proving once again that when it comes to fashion, Blake Lively is always at the top of her game.

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