How to Style Sneakers with Jeans, Inspired by Kendall Jenner's Autumn 2023 Look

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By Bottega Veneta

By Bottega Veneta

By Bottega Veneta


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In her latest ensemble, Kendall Jenner has returned to a beloved classic: sneakers. To infuse a fresh twist into her look, she paired them with straight-legged jeans.

While running errands in Los Angeles this week, the supermodel opted for a refreshing and understated outfit, marking a departure from her recent bold styles. She wore a tucked-in white t-shirt paired with blue straight-legged jeans, topped off with an oversized navy blue blazer and a gray hooded sweatshirt casually draped over her shoulders. For accessories, she added caramel aviator sunglasses and a black leather Bottega Veneta Gemelli bag.

Despite choosing a pair of classic white sneakers with silver metallic details instead of boots, these are no ordinary shoes. Kendall opted for the Bottega Veneta Orbit sneakers, priced at $800 and crafted from a technical mesh fabric.

The contrast with her recent snug party dresses and luxurious coats is stark, yet even on her more relaxed days, the model demonstrates her unwavering love for Bottega Veneta footwear. Despite the shift in style, Kendall Jenner consistently showcases her fashion versatility, effortlessly transitioning from glamorous soirées to laid-back errand days with a distinct sense of style. Her latest look proves that whether strutting down a red carpet or running daily tasks, Kendall's fashion choices continue to capture attention and set trends.

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